Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Watching their Hearts Speak {An Orphan's Wish}

Ballerinas 1 

Before I traveled to Guilin in October, I was asked to take photos while
I was there that would be used for a Christmas card for An Orphan's Wish.
We wanted to create something that was "light, white and ethereal."
Keeping that in mind, I was inspired by two white/silver sequined ballet dresses
 that my daughter Grace had worn in recitals. 


She graciously allowed me take the dresses to China,
 so they were added to my suitcase with a few small props. 
I chose Ellira and Kalli to wear the dresses and hoped they would fit
(fortunately they did). 

Ballerinas 2

In hindsight,I honestly didn't know if either of them knew what ballet was,
or if they'd even seen a ballet dress.
Gabi and Lily Trower agreed to help me as they
were fluent in Mandarin and knew the little girls well. 
They were a huge help to me.

Ballerinas 3

Kalli and Ellira put the sparkly costumes on with a little bit of hesitation. I am sure
they weren't quite sure what to expect. Once
we brushed their hair and put the pretty headbands on, the girls
were positively radiant and they were all smiles.

Ballerinas 4

There was no stage to perform on but that didn't matter because we had a long hallway
with plenty of room to jump, move and twirl.

Ballerinas 5

Kalli was a little reluctant at first to join in but seemed to know
exactly what to do after Gabi and Lily showed her
how ballerinas dance and move.

Ballerinas 6

 I will let the photos tell their own story because
I really don't need many words to explain them.

Ballerinas 7

I think I'll always remember the sound of their voices,
 the giggles, and the melody of their beautiful language.

Ballerinas 8

 Thank you Ellira and Kalli for spending an afternoon with me.
You shared your heart and let me see who you are.
Thank you for the connection and for allowing me to
capture your beautifully sweet personalities.

Ballerinas 9

Thank you for sharing your love with a stranger and
I am so happy that we're no longer strangers. 
You both gave me so much, and it's more than I 
could ever ask for, or deserve.

Ballerinas 10

To me,
when I think of these three words, "an orphan's wish,"
I literally wonder what an orphan child would dream
or wish for?
I can only imagine that it's a family.
A forever family of their own where
they are dearly loved and cherished.
My prayers are that this will happen for both of these little girls
in the new year.

Ballerinas 11

"Dancing with the feet is one thing, 
but dancing with the heart is another."

~ unknown 

Ballerinas 12

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Love Letters To China said...

What precious little girls. You captured the innocence of childhood in these photos. It brings tears to my eyes knowing it was the first time they ever put on a fancy dress and twirled around. So happy you were there to make this experience happen.


Desiree' said...

They are just precious!!

Life with Kaishon said...

Oh! So absolutely beautiful. I love these images. Pure perfection. The light is magnificent. And the girls smiles? Breathtaking! So happy you were able to capture their joy!

Sharon said...

This is beauty in it's purest form. I will always remember this post. I can FEEL this post.

Michelle said...

Love the pictures and the story of hope it reveals.

Truly Blessed said...

So beautiful... Gail, you gave those girls such a priceless gift and such wonderful memories. Made me all teary to see these pictures.

the meaklims said...

I am teary too, Gail. What an amazing photgrapher you are, you captured these gorgeous girls and their beautiful innocence with a lot of emotion.

I just want to bring them home, so bad.


Natasha said...

amazing! every little girl deserves to twirl and feel beautiful. it saddens me to think that this might have been their first time feeling that magic. and yet, if it was, how truly magical that feeling must have been! i don't know how you were able to leave without trying to put every single one in your suitcase! i LOVE that you are able to share that feeling you had with all of us through your photography. you are truly gifted--both with your heart and your photography. your ability to express through both is amazing. thank you!

Terri said...

I just love them and I love these pictures! You did a beautiful job Gail! These pictures are priceless!

Kayce said...

Beautiful Gail!! I pray that someday these beautiful girls can stand on a stage and twirl for a crowd filled with their forever family!

Hannah said...

Gorgeous. Just stunning Gail.

Eva said...

Gail, I think these images of yours are my most favorite. They are beautiful and heart wrenching. So raw. So real. Your ability to capture these girls and all they embody is beyond amazing. What a truly special gift.

Shay Ankerich said...

SO SO Sweet and can't WAIT to get to China for our two!!! Wish I could bring these two home too!!! Blessings and love!

Isa + Steph + Sijia + William said...

These pictures are just incredibly beautiful and the girls are so amazing! I am sure they'll remember this afternoon for a long time.

Mr.Wonton said...

you have a special vision, thank you for sharing.

Chasing Dreams Photography said...

Beautiful!!! I love those little faces!!!!! Xoxo

Ashley said...

I know this was posted {quite a while ago}, but I stumbled across a link to it and I can't help but think that Kalli's and Ellira's wish has come true!!! Kalli is already with her family and Ellira soon will be too! Ahh - goosebumps, smiles and tears!!

Hugs, Ashley

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